We are proud of the years of service to San Antonio The Gittinger Companies have offered since 1921 through Gittinger Insurance Agency and its sister company, Gittinger Real Estate Company, now Gittinger Properties.

Our companies are deeply rooted in San Antonio history, the Gittinger family having arrived in the 1850s as part of a group of German settlers. They continued the artisan businesses they knew from their homeland – construction, stone masonry – and gradually moved into insurance, mortgage and real estate, ultimately becoming one of the founding families of St. Mary’s University.

The downtown landmark, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is also part of our history and a continuing source of pride. Construction began in 1868 and it was completed in 1871 to offer services in German to the growing community. As time went on and the new generations of the family moved into the professions, there were fewer family members to tend the original businesses until only the insurance agency remained, directed by the current Frank Gittinger’s grandfather, Frank, and then his father, Eugene before he took it over in 1993.

We were pleased to bring the real estate side of our endeavors back to life in 2009 as Gittinger Properties, and to add Bonnie’s company, Street Fund, LLC, to the group.

The commemorative block at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church emphasizes the family’s construction roots.
We thank the San Antonio Conservation Society for the Gittinger family photo of Anna Barbara and Johann E. Heidgen’s 60th wedding anniversary. Frank Gittinger, grandfather of the current Frank Gittinger is first on the left.